Zechariah 4:1-10
Gen 25: 21-34

In those teenage years I remember my Dad insisting that I followed him to site works. He retired a brilliant civil engineer and wanted me to become one. I never did but one lesson I will never forget was that of a tool called plumb. It’s a light even shaped rod which brick layers use in straightening bricks, plasters and concretes. It looks so little and insignificant but it’s absence in the hands of an expert will make him appear unskilled. After use they ensure that it is well washed of any mortar such that it doesn’t lose its straightness.

However, due to its simplicity and seeming littleness, careless bricklayers manhandle it. I discovered that most corrections my Dad made on site was about straightness of walls and concretes, responsibility of which is this plumb-line. Other important equipment used are as well little, trowel and the likes.

Zech 4:1-10 above talks about the seven lamps being the seven eyes of the lord looking through the whole earth. The only thing that makes them glad is one thing, the plumb line in the hands of Zerrubabel. God was least concerned about his digger or bulldozer, he didn’t consider his concrete mixer not about the myriads of tools he may possess, but the plumb line.

Who hath despised the days of small things? Small things could be good or bad. It could be that little ability to sing, could be that talent so peculiar that you don’t think is important or that natural position of first born despised by Esau and Reuben. Probably your persuasiveness, usually something peculiar to you that no one else can do. There could be a little relationship that you despise so easily, perhaps because he is my Dad then a pastor.

Also it can be those things we count as not really a sin. At least God understands, he knows that I pay my tithe and attend services regularly. Little lies and disobedience.
The scriptures above reveal that God pays more attention to the easily despised matters of life. Even the saviour was without form and comeliness that those who saw him despised him( Isaiah 42:1-5).

The Priests then were seriously committed to ensuring tithe payment but Christ’s opinion was on the weightier matters of the kingdom (Matthew 23:23 ). Disciples were bothered about who leads but our masters interest was leading by service.
It’s of utmost importance to consider this today, do not glorify the less important ahead of the most important.

Despise not the small things.
Have you been despised or ever despised anything or anybody? The lord can still have mercy, the books of Haggai revealed how Zerrubabel and co initially despised the building project, the lord can still restore you if you care to repent.

Let us pray.
Lord, I be merciful unto me, grant me grace to maximize the little things in and around me. Thank you lord, Amen.

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