Matthew 26: 6-13
1 Samuel 1:1-27

The statement write off is commonly used in Nigeria to describe the fatality of road traffic crashes. Most times to emphasise the fact that no one could have survived the incident. I remember long ago when my Dad had such a terrible experience, passers by came with empathy. Oh what a pity, this is a WRITE OFF, the driver won’t have survived. In his words, an old woman came around and asked me, who drove this car? He responded, “here I am” still standing. Life issues often come and go in that similitude, people consider your circumstances and conclude that it’s a write off.

I remember back in those days in the secondary school, not worst of all students but often performed very poorly. My colleagues in class will ask themselves, what course would you love to study ? Whenever it gets to my turn, they’ll skip in other not to embarrass me, but I always knew I’ll become a doctor, in their mind becoming was a write off, but eventually I became.

That woman in the passage must have heard Jesus preach his father’s kingdom. She may have inquired from people if she were able to partake of that kingdom and quickly they may have said, it’s not possible!!! You?!!! She just couldn’t believe that she’s a write off as far as the kingdom is concerned. The woman thought deeply and desperately wanted to be a part of the kingdom and decided to get the best of fumes and presented it at the feet of the master, perhaps, he will accept her. She served him even with her hair, there and there, people came to write her off.

Even Judas Iscariot was part. Master, this is all a waste! The lord simply said, wherever the kingdom is preached, her name will forever be a memorial. The thief on the right cross that day, already condemned to earthly destruction was admitted to be the first partaker of eternal glory. What did the Lord do in these cases? He wrote them in when Men wrote them off. I pray, wherever people have written you off in the present or the past the lord will write you in.

If you’re reading this write up in a write off mode, you can have yourself written in by believing it’s not over yet. God isn’t through with you yet, you’re a project in the making. Though she was a prostitute, God’s project was that Rahab will be the saviour’s grand mother (Matthew 1:5)
Why don’t you make that decision like those examples given above and come to Jesus today. He will write you in, until rapture, no case is closed yet. Come.

Let us pray
Lord I know I my life doesn’t measure up to all human standards, but I believe you are an expert in doing the impossible, I surrender my life to you, write me in Oh lord. Amen.

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